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Senior UI/UX Designer, Animator and Visual Artist, with over a decade of experience in the games industry.


I never thought all that doodling on my math notebooks as a kid and a love for the very limited video games I could get a hold of in 90s Pakistan would eventually lead to a wonderful career in the gaming industry. I majored in Graphic Design from the National College of Arts that then led to a Masters in Motion Graphics from the University of Arts London.

I moved back to Pakistan in 2012 and started a career in gaming as jack of all trade’s artist at a small start-up. Three years later, having learned a whole lot and realizing I really enjoyed the challenge of creating an immersive user experience, it was time to level up. In 2015 I found myself in Brighton, where I’ve worked as a Senior UI/UX Designer for 6 years and counting.

In my free time I work on little personal animation projects, geek out on sci-fi movies and shows (even the cheesy ones), fantasize about cars I can’t afford and try to defy aging by staying active and playing basketball.


Previously, I was at Boss Alien, a Natural Motion Studio where I worked on the chart-topping CSR Racing and led the UI/UX for the Multiplayer feature.

I am a Senior UI/UX Designer at Electric Square where I work on games with some of the world’s premiere gaming studios like Turn10, Amazon Game Studios, Apple, Mattel and a few more I’m not quite allowed to name 😉

Before moving to Brighton, I worked at Caramel Tech Studios, a start up games studio in Pakistan where I started out as a generalist and later lead the art team on several projects with companies like Half Brick, Big Fish, Kabam and several others.


I'm proficient in the latest Adobe suite, especially Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere.


I can use several of the top UX and prototyping platforms like Adobe XD, Figma, and Marvel App. 


I also have intermediate knowledge of 3D software like Blender and Cinema 4D.

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I have experience with implementing and animating UI in Unity and Unreal.

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